Logo of ZeelandKids. It shows the outline of Zeeland in the background. In the foreground it shows the letters ZLDKDS

About us

In 2022 we moved with our kids from the Randstad to beautiful Zeeland.

New to the province, we went out to look for fun activities with the kids. We met other parents who shared their recommended locations and it seemed like everyone had their own list of locations! Some very well known, others hidden gems.

Online we found several sites which all had a subset of these locations, but no site had them all. That's why we thought it would be a good idea to create our own and add useful filters.

Luckily dad is good with computers and that's how ZeelandKids originated!

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What we stand for



We are always honest. We only recommend what we actually like. And if it's bad, we'll say it plainly. Lastly, we don't sell good reviews or recommendation, no matter how much you offer.


For all kids

All children deserve nice days out. Regardless of budget, social standing or disability. We provide attractions and filters for everyone.



We respect your privay and of your family. We ensure that no-one is recognizable in pictures on this website. We also do not set any cookies from third parties such as Facebook or Google.

In case anything goes wrong, send us a message and we will solve it immediately.

ZeelandKids is created by parent for parents.
With our filters you can always find an attraction which matches your family's needs.
We always give our HONEST opinion and include insider tips. This allows you to figure out fun trips with great value for money and skip the tourist traps.