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Aloha Beach

Toddlers (1-4)
Young kids (4-8)
Older kids (8-12)

The name Aloha Beach might makes you think of Hawaï, but it's Zeelandic nature which is the star of the show here.

This beach club can only be reached on foot. Either a walk on the beach or by crossing through the nature and dunes of the Oranjezon area. We recommend the latter because we think it's the most beautiful piece of nature on Walcheren.

Aloha Beach itself is placed on a wide stretch of beach and from the terrace you have wide, open views. The food is good (we enjoyed the kroketten, but dinner option are all good as well) and the coffee is excellent.

The kids can enjoy the beach, but there is some playground equipment as well. If you have a place on the edge of terrace you can enjoy your drinks while overlooking the kids on the beach.

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)

Aloha Beach


Korenwolf weizen4.50
Green Tornado smoothie5.50


Italian bun with tuna11.00
Pokébowl salmon18.50
Grilled Cheese5.00
Bread with croquettes10.00

Good to know

At the end of the walk through Oranjezon to Aloha Beach are large stairs which makes it wheelchain inaccessible and difficult with strollers

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