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Ballorig Vlissingen

Infants (0-1)
Toddlers (1-4)
Young kids (4-8)
Older kids (8-12)

The playground equipment has replaced the water, but this location is unmistakenly a former swimming pool. It is actually a good set up as it creates a clear layout: the kids are playing in the recessed "pool" and around that are tables for the parents.

The first "pool", right next to the catering, is catering to the youngest kids (up to 4 years). There is a ball pit, a small slide, some attributes to climb on and a "side-pool" with some building equipment, where they can build little houses or anything else they come up with.

Before moving on to the "big pool", we want to highlight the Magic Wall. In this room you'll find a beamer which projects videogames on a big wall. The twist is that you control the game by throwing balls at it! Check this video for a better view.

In the "big pool" is the equipment for the older kids. These are quite high and some of these are very challenging. The red slide almost has a vertical drop! The sled-track is another favorite, fairly simple, but lots of fun. Our last highlight is the laser-avoidance-tunnel, don't expect too much, it's quite short, but it does give you a slight Mission Impossible vibe and I'll guarantee you the kids want to have another go.

Aside from these highlights, the "big pool" offers more of what you expect from an indoor playground.

We visited on a toddler morning and with the reduced entry fee we felt we got value for money. We did not have lunch here yet, so no verdict on the catering yet.

Ballorig Vlissingen had some complaints about cleanliness when they started, but did not see any issues during our visit.

In summary we've enjoyed our visit to Ballorig. The highlights we've listed here are distinctive feature we've not (yet) seen in other playgrounds. This is a good place to spend (part of) a day, especially on a rainy day.

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)

Ballorig Vlissingen

Entrance fees

Child (1 - 12 years)9.50
Child (1 - 12 years)9.50


Apple juice2.85


Ballorig often has discounts through third parties, Google for "Ballorig korting"

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