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Photo of the indoor play paradise

Five Star Farm

Infants (0-1)
Toddlers (1-4)
Young kids (4-8)
Older kids (8-12)

At Five Star Farm, you really enter a farm. While you walk to the entrance of the playground you pass little horses, chickens and cows. Of course we have to pet these little cuties before we go in and play.

Once inside we are greeted by friendly staff at the bar. The kids get their entrance stamps, hang up their coats and before we know it, they are off to play 😁.

We get a table next to the baby and smallest kids (< 3 years) area. It's perfect for our 6 month old as he can roll around on the cushioned floor. A great place where we get some coffee and apple pie.

Meanwhile our little princess has set off to explore the indoor play castle. It is three stories high with slides and many nooks and crannies to explore!

Meanwhile, dad spots many cool stuff outside. Unfortunately, it's February so we stay warm inside, but in spring or summer we will definitely come back and review the outside as well!

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)

Five Star Farm

Entrance fees

Child (1-3 years)4.00
Child (4-12 years)7.50


Large bottle lemonade (1.5L)4.25


Farmer's salmon sandwich12.75
Farmer's burger11.75
Poffertjes (kids)5.10
Bread roll with cheese3.00


From 5 visits or more, it's cheaper to buy a year pass!

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