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Photo of the greenhouse section

Het Kaslokaal

Toddlers (1-4)
Young kids (4-8)

Behind a greenhouse at the edge of Oostkapelle lies a small slice of heaven. A garden made for exploring.

For once you're not going to visit a place tailored for children. This location does not feature screaming and yelling kids. This place features serenity.

This is a place where you must try the tiny pastry tasting on the menu, a place where the tea is magnificent, a place where the staff can tell you the origins of every single ingredient, a place where the food tastes great.

Your kids will feel right at home here too, there is so much to discover in the various parts of the garden. You might find a loose chicken, or a bee hotel or stumble upon some vegetables.

And if they do feel like playing after all that exploration, there's a playground as well, with a playhouse and a trampoline. That'll keep 'm busy while you get another tea.

Enjoy your calm afternoon, you've earned it!

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)

Het Kaslokaal

Entrance fees

Free entree0.00


Fresh ginger tea with cinnamon and orange3.20
Radler beer3.95
Apple juice3.20


Pastry tasting (3 small pastries)5.95
Tuna melt sandwich8.75
3 oatmeal banana pancakes (kids)8.50
Cheese sandwich with figs and pumpkin seeds7.95

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