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Het oude Brandspuithuis

Toddlers (1-4)
Young kids (4-8)
Older kids (8-12)

This location has not (yet) been visited by us. This page only provides general information.

The fire brigade appeals to the fascination of almost all children. If your kids have the same, then the Old Fire Spray House is a wonderful location to visit.

In this former fire station, kids can play the fire game where they can dress up and help put out a "fire" from an actual fire truck. And the "injured" are of course transported by ambulance.

While the emergency services appeal to the imagination of the kids, adults can be amazed by the exhibition about the gold treasure found across the street in 1966.

After the museum visit you can also take the walk in and around Serooskerke. Scan the QR code on the sign to get GPS coordinates of the next sign. A treasure beckons at the end... Smartphone and walking shoes are both needed.

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)

Het oude Brandspuithuis

Entrance fees

Entrance per person4.00
Entrance per person4.00
Entrance per person4.00
Entrance per person4.00


Check the website for extra opening hours in the May holiday and summer holiday

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