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Photo of the playground next to the farm shop

Kaasboerderij Schellach

Toddlers (1-4)
Young kids (4-8)

At cheese farm Schellach there are various activities which will ensure you and your kids have a good time: petting cows and calfs, kids can play around in the outdoor playground, while you enjoy coffee and pastry on the adjacent terrace, and you can do some (biological) groceries in the beautiful farm store.

These activities will keep you and your family occupied for at least a couple hours 😄.

On the grounds outside you'll find a large sandpit with various attributes, there are many small bikes and cars for kids to ride on, there are tunnels to play in, a slide and in summer there might also be a bouncy castle.

In the new farm store you can buy cheese and dairy, but also (bio) veggies and locally sourced meat. They also have a coffee corner and an assortment from a local bakery (pastries, croissants and fresh bread).

The old farm store has been converted to a nice indoor playground for small children, alongside some seating. This makes Schellach also suitable for visiting during less favorable weather conditions.

If you cross the road, you'll find the cow sheds and the cheese production facility. Most places are open for strolling around, only the cheese facility is off-limits due to hygiene. Don't miss out on the calf infirmary and pet those cuties!

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)

Kaasboerderij Schellach

Entrance fees

Free entrance0.00


Milk from the farm (1L)1.40
Apple juice (0.75L)3.05


2 Currant buns1.40
Pastry (homemade)1.75
Cheese croissant1.32
Fruit from the farm store (apples, pears, kiwis)3.29


Follow the white footsteps marked on the floor for a tour around the farm

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