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Klok'uus is one of the best attractions for kids and parents in Zeeland.

This former barn has a large indoor playground with big slides, jungle gyms and a toddler area. Outside you'll find the terrace, (very big) trampolines, inflatable bouncy obstacle courses (sorry, I really don't know how to translate this 😅), go-karts and an outdoor playground.

Groups with older kids can also utilize paid outdoor activities such as lasergaming and gellyball.

Parents will love the good menu and professional kitchen. We are fans of the Klokuusburger and the Flatbread with brie, figs and pommegranate.

Health consicious parent will find the kids menu to be lacking, but fortunately you can provide your little ones with some vitamines by picking the flatbread brie and a Green veggie smoothie.

Biggest downside of Klokuus are its prices. On top of the regular restaurant prices you have to pay an entrance fee per kid which can ramp up the bill. Nonetheless, we think you get a lot of value for money at Klokuus. We are regular visitors and recommend the kid's subscription if you plan to come more often.

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)


Entrance fees

Kid 2 to 3 years old5.95
Kid 4 to 12 years old8.95


Green Veggie smoothie5.95
Apple juice2.90


Kids pancake5.50
Grilled cheese (kids)4.95
Brie flatbread with figs and pomegranate12.95
Klokuus burger13.95


Consider the children subscription if you plan to visit more than 5 times a year

Good to know

Making a reservation is mandatory

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