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Kloveniersdoelen Houttuinen

Toddlers (1-4)
Young kids (4-8)
Older kids (8-12)

Middelburg has many beautiful buildings, but we think that the Kloveniersdoelen is the prettiest. In the basement of this monument you'll find the Houttuinen, a great place for breakfast, lunch or borrel with friendly staff.

Inside, hidden behind a small wall, you'll find a nice play corner for younger kids (approx 1 - 6 years). A little play kitchen, some books and a generous amount of toys will keep your little ones entertained while you enjoy drinks and bites.

But, when the sun is shining, you definitiely want to sit outside on the terrace or in the grass of the amazing garden! You can relax while the kids explore the garden or play with sand or water.

De Houttuinen is a place which lends itself for a whole day of relaxtion or in combination with other activities in Middelburg such as shopping, strolling around the city centre, visiting the Chocolate Museum or the observatory.

Food tip: try the cabbage pancakes!

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)

Kloveniersdoelen Houttuinen

Entrance fees

Free entrance0.00




Savory cabbage pancake with shrimp13.75
Focaccia Romana13.75
Grilled cheese (child)4.50
Pancakes with blueberries (child)6.00


On Sundays, parking in Middelburg is free

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