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Pluktuin La Fleur Serooskerke

Young kids (4-8)
Older kids (8-12)

WARNING 1: In 2024 the location in Serooskerke is no longer part of Pluketuin La Fleur. At this moment we do not know if the field has been closed or that they are continuing on their own. The location near Goes is open in 2024

WARNING 2: The map below shows the other location near Goes. Use the address below / click on "Contact / Map" to get the correct location

If you'd like to do something else than visiting yet another playground, come pick some tulips directly from the field!

In Serooskerke lies a beautiful tulip field where you can get your hand dirty to pick you perfect bouquet of flowers.

The instructions are provided in Dutch, so a quick translation:

  • Pick them by hand, not with scissors. It's ok if you pull out the bulb as well
  • You can pick them while the flower is still closed, but already shows color
  • Once done, pay at the "Kassa", you can pay cash (no change provided) or use the QR code to pay with iDeal or BanContact
  • Put them in a clean vase with some water. They continue to grow in the vase so cut a couple centimeters after a few days.

Since this field is directly across from the Jonge Johannes, you can combine these activities very well!

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)

Pluktuin La Fleur Serooskerke

Entrance fees

For 20 tulips6.00

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