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De Vierlinden

Toddlers (1-4)
Young kids (4-8)
Older kids (8-12)

The city park De Hollandsche Hoeve in Goes features several reasons worthy of a visit with your family: you can swim (indoors) at Omnium, there is a Center for Crafts, a petting zoo, a great public outdoor playground and last, but not least, restaurant De Vierlinden.

On nice, warm days, we recommend De Vierlinden with it's outdoor terrace to enjoy a refreshing drink or some ice cream after enjoying the (free) outdoor playground. When the kids get bored you can also opt for one of De Vierlinden's outdoor activities: a round of minigolf or race around the MiniCars track.

On colder or rainy days the kids can enjoy the forest themed indoor playground. There is lots of opportunities to climb in various "trees", "mushrooms" and "treehouses". Kids between 4 and 12 will like this playground very much!

For the little ones (1-4) there's a small toddler area.

Lastly, we were happy with the quality of food, drinks and waiting staff! We recommend the marinated chicken sandwich 😉.

The receipt

(2 adults, 2 kids)

De Vierlinden

Entrance fees

Child (1 - 3 years)2.50
Child (4 - 12 years old)5.00


Apple juice3.00
Lemonade (sugar free)2.00


Marinated chicken sandwhich10.80
Clubsandwich (meat)13.80
Omelet on bread8.00
Kid's pancake with apple6.50


De Vierlinden is also open during school vacations, check vierlindengoes.nl/openingstijden for exact dates

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